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What we do

elderlyWe strive to acquire union with the Lord Jesus in prayer so that our lives may be penetrated by an apostolic spirit and our apostolic work with contemplation. (VC9)

Through personal witness we strive to imitate Christ thus making Him present in the world for the salvation of mankind. This is our primary mission as consecrated persons. However our apostolate as Dominicans consists in searching for opportunities to proclaim Christ through the Word , in the footsteps of St. Dominic.

In our apostolate we are challenged to strive to be at home with the Word of God and to spend time before the Blessed Sacrament letting ourselves be loved by him. This is the source of the help we give to vulnerable persons, so that while giving our service with love we proclaim Christ.


Through our apostolate we seek to fulfill the needs of the times in the

  • care of the sick and elderly
  • care of children with problems
  • teaching  catechism to children and young people
  • pastoral work
  • shelter for women with social problems
  • houses of apostolate beyond our shores  -  Italy, England, Australia, Sri Lanka and Pakistan
  • apostolate through the internet
  • prayer